Durian Pancake

Makes approximately 6 pieces



55 g cake flour

40 g corn flour

40 g icing sugar

10 g custard powder

10 eggs

375 g water

20 g butter

corn oil for frying the batter



500 g whipping cream (35% fat)

50 g icing sugar (sifted)

50 g durian pulp (blend)

30 g durian pulp (whole)



1. Sieve all the dry ingredients into bowl.

2. Melt the butter and allow to cool.

3. Mix in eggs and water into dry ingredients and mix well. Do not overbeat.

4. Add the melted butter. Strain and cover. Leave aside to rest.

5. Gently heat a 20 mm non-stick pan. Brush a little corn oil into the pan. Pour in a ladle of batter into the pan and with low heat allow the batter to cook thoroughly. Remove and allow to cool.

6. Make the durian Chantilly. Whip the whipping cream until softly peak. Slowly add in the sifted icing sugar. Continue to whip till firm. Add in the durian pulp blended. Mix well & set aside.



1. Use one piece of pancake and pipe durian Chantilly cream onto the pancake.

2. Put 1 tsp of durian pulp (whole) in top of the Chantilly cream.

3. Fold the pancake and serve.


Last modified on 12/02/2018

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