Dato’ Steve Yap

Dato’ Steve Yap

Masters’ in Metabolic & Nutritional Medicine (USF Med Sch);

Advanced Fellow, Anti-Aging Regenerative Functional Medicine (USA);

Fellow, Integrative Cancer Therapies (USA);

Nutritional Therapy Council Certified Practitioner (UK);

President, Federation of Complementary & Natural Medical Associations M’sia;

Complementary Medicine Director, DSY Wellness Longevity Center (www.dsywellness.com).

Monday, 27 August 2018 00:00

Beware of Excessive Alcoholic Beverages

Since ancient times, people have attributed a variety of health benefits to moderate consumption of fermented beverages such as wine and beer. Archaeological evidence suggests that the earliest known wine production occurred in Georgia (Eurasia) around 7,000 BC. There was domestication of grapevine during the Bronze Age sites including those from Egypt from around the third millennium BC. In Europe, it seemed to have started in Greece some 6,500 years. Traces of ancient wine dating back some 3,000 years have been discovered in China. In all these regions of the world, the same fermentation process by yeast caused the breakdown of mostly fructose (sugar) in grapes into alcohol. Taste may depend on types of grape used, length and method of fermentation. Ethanol (alcohol) is a component of many liquid medications too. For the non-Muslim who consume alcohol beverages, it’s no secret that excessive alcohol consumption is linked to increased risk of morbidity and mortality, as well as with home/work related, and traffic accidents.

Sunday, 18 February 2018 00:00

Heavy Metal Toxicity in Human Body

It’s estimated that from birth till age 50, we would have ‘consumed’ up to two tons of toxic wastes from our food, water, beverages, medications, and environmental pollution. Since we’re constantly being exposed to toxic metals and chemicals, we may never be able to remove all toxins from our blood and body tissues. Water-based toxins may be removed through our kidneys and skin. In women, monthly menstruation cycle also helps in detoxification. However, most heavy metals are trapped in body adipose (fats) tissues and difficult to remove. Being bio-accumulative, these metals present in blood of an expecting mother could be passed on to her fetus through its placenta. Heavy metals have been linked to higher incidence of autism, attention deficit disorder, and mental retardation in children (Drum 2009).

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