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Pastries are the cornerstone of the food industry. One cannot set foot into most food establishment without there being at least a few pastry items on the menu. But unbeknownst to many, there are countless hours necessary to provide quality pastry to customers. This is where Clement Lim and Pastry World come in. Pastry World is a one stop provider for any and all pastry needs. This is how restaurants can cut down on their pastry production, by having Pastry World provide high quality and delicious pastry for them, cutting down on kitchen space and man-hours which they would otherwise have to sacrifice.


Since its founding in 2007, Pastry World has grown into one of the leading suppliers of pastry products in the country. Its ranks have swelled from a scant 3 staff members to 50 with even more being hired as it expands. From what you’ve already heard, one might think the expansion is at its final phase. But there is more under the wraps. Pastry World has plans underway to open several factories that churn out delicious pastries round the clock. One factory of each category of pastry from bread to biscuits.


Years ago, Clement noticed that most food establishments would rather have pastries readymade rather than hire a pastry chef. Seeing the opportunity, he seized it and founded Pastry World. His hard work and dedication he poured into the company has paid off as Pastry World supplies customers ranging from cafés to large hypermarkets in peninsular Malaysia as well as Singapore. Despite the success of Pastry World success, smaller customers are not turned away. Pastry World provides them with his expertise and specialization in OEM to help them get the best pasties they could possibly want. At Pastry World they believe in helping homegrown brands stressing that building customer relationships is of the utmost importance.


With Pastry World, quality is the key to success. Seeing that they prioritize in OEM, they have quality control and quality assurance departments working hard to ensure they provide only the best for their customers. In addition to that, they also have set up a halal executive department that monitors material and ensures it adheres to the rules and standards. Pastry World also diligently sends out members of its research and development team to foreign shores to bring back the latest and best pastry trends worldwide which they then recommends to their customers seeking ideas that have not yet seen the light of day in Malaysia.


With years of OEM manufacturing experience behind them and countless pastries baked for multitudes of customers it is clear to see that Pastry World has grown and is growing further. Plans to work on pastry packaging for local retail brands is already underway as well. It will be interesting to see how they will develop in the coming years with such expansive plans underway. For a one stop pastry provider, there seems to be none better suited than the one where Pastry is their World.


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