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The name Ramly conjures up images of sizzling hotplates covered with patties and that delicious smell we all associate with Malaysia’s top local burgers. Recent upgrades might make us change that mental image because in Ramly kiosks and restaurants, the hotplates are no more. In its place, a single RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®. During the days when Ramly used hotplates, the customer feedback was occasionally negative with some products being overcooked or undercooked especially during peak hours when it became more difficult to individually check each item to ensure it was cooked properly.


Since they started using rational ovens, Ramly has had a noticeable increase in food quality as well as consistency. The ease of use of the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® make it easier to maintain consistent taste, texture and quality because it negates the possibility of the chef accidentally over or under cooking the meat. Encik Shaiwul Azwar, the regional general manager has been very pleased with the improvements RATIONAL have brought to the franchise. Since they adopted the ovens, he has said that they have managed to reduce cooking times by 50% or higher. The way this works is the even distribution of hot air inside the cooking cabinet speeds up the cooking process while ensuring the food is cooked evenly from all directions. The overall time savings allows them to serve a larger number of customers faster than ever before. The rational oven also allows them to cook more items in 1 go compared to the conventional hot plate. The hot plate could only handle 20 patties at a time while the newer RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® can cook 48 at once, more than twice the number.


The diversity of foods that Ramly outlets can cook has also increased since they started using RATIONAL. They can toast, roast, grill and steam all in a single machine, a task which normally would require them to have their counter cluttered with various appliances which can only perform a single task. Staff training has also been made easier since they chose RATIONAL. Before this, the cooks had to undergo extensive training to ensure consistent quality which even the best cook could not achieve regularly. Now with the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®, training time has been reduced and the food quality has been better and more consistent than ever before. Some of the dishes that Ramly prepares with the SelfCookingCenter® are satay, burger patties, roast chicken, lamb chops, croissants and even rice. The SelfCookingCenter®’s intelligent cleaning function is also a welcome addition. Previously, cleaning up required plenty of scrubbing and scraping but now all they have to do is put in a cleaning tablet, push a button and the rational oven would handle the rest. Together with Rational, Ramly has taken their burgers to a whole new level.



When you first step into a Me’nate Steakhouse, you would never expect such a simple and approachable looking restaurant to have some of the finest wagyu beef steaks you can find in Malaysia resting in its chillers. The restaurant places emphasis on serving great steaks in a simple setting and is the brainchild of Encik Mustaffa Othman, owner of Me’nate Steakhouse and master butcher. His restaurants are some of the only places you could get such premium quality steaks at astonishingly low prices with such swift service. What makes this all possible is the cutting edge technology of the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®.


A RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® might seem out of place in a steakhouse to some but Encik Mustaffa begs to differ. “In the past complaints were slightly more common but since we started using RATIONAL, only around 1% of our customers would give complaints about the food and that is inevitable since you cannot please everyone.” The reason behind this is that the RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter® allows for perfect consistency in cooking all the time which even a professional chef would not be able to do, it does all the work in ensuring that every steak served is cooked to perfection. These cooking wonders are also not just limited to their steaks. Pasta, rice, burgers, pizzas, and even salmon are cooked using the SelfCookingCenter®. When they cease operations at night, it keeps on working, braising ribs overnight so that they are perfectly slow-cooked and ready for consumption the next day. Each of the 4 Me’nate outlets have a pair of SelfCookingCenter®'s running round the clock to provide great food for their customers.


Service time for each customer at Me’nate is around 7 minutes, a feat that would be impossible without the use of RATIONAL SelfCookingCenter®. Mustaffa Othman has explored and embraced this marvel of kitchen technology and has enjoyed the benefits and so have his customers who get served delicious steaks cooked to perfection.

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