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RATIONAL is well known for its perfect results in cooking chicken, lamb, beef or any other Halal food that is popular in Asian or East African cuisine. Quality aspects aside, however, it is also certified for use in the production of Halal meals.


With RATIONAL, we can produce traditional Halal cuisine more efficiently and there are absolutely no compromises on quality“, says Mo Kadiri, Manager of Kadiri's Restaurants and Events. In London, his excellent cuisine is one of the best known in the world of Indian restaurants. The place is even popular with celebrities like Yusuf Islam. “One of the reasons I used to come to this area was to enjoy the great Halal experience of food cooked by my friend Kadiri”, the singer-songwriter says.


Kadiri selected a RATIONAL model, as it could hold up to four whole 15 kilogram lambs at a time. “The RATIONAL cooks this with an overnight roasting and holding mode. The meat is tender, juicy and falls of the bone”, the manager says. Besides lamb, Kadiri also uses the equipment for chicken, steak, samosas, grilled tandoori items and side-dishes like rice or bread.



Helmut Schuele, Catering Manager at Airbus Helicopters Germany, has had similar experiences cooking with RATIONAL: “Every two weeks, we cook and serve Halal food for customer groups in our VIP area”, says the manager. He is enthusiastic about RATIONAL's equipment, too. Like Kadiri, he appreciates the quality, particularly where the lamb and chicken are concerned. Even outside of Europe, a lot of kitchens use RATIONAL's appliances for cooking traditional Halal food. Fully certified, the equipment is suitable for preparing Halal products that meet strict regulations.


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