This nut and seed loaf is not your typical loaf of bakery bread. It is nibby, moist, chewy and has the occasional crunch of hazelnuts. Packed with seeds like flax, chia and sunflower, it is incredibly rich in Omega fatty-acids, anti-oxidants and minerals like magnesium and selenium. The oats, psyllium, chia and flax seeds hold this beautifully-speckled loaf together in the absence of flour and provides your body with both soluble and insoluble fibre which has been shown to help alleviate symptoms of diarrhoea, constipation, and help with digestion and weight loss, as well as, reducing cholesterol levels. This loaf is vegan and gluten free. Try it toasted and topped with your favourite sweet or savoury spread.

These moist and not-too-sweet muffins taste so good, they should be bad for you. Moist and fluffy with very ripe bananas, flecked with ground coffee beans and flavoured with toffee notes from natural molasses sugar, these muffins make you want to get out of bed in the morning! Made with a list of whole food ingredients, these muffins are rich in fibre, complex carbohydrates, protein and minerals, and they don’t come any better… except maybe topped with a few chocolate chips!

Malaysian Indian Chef Association (MICA) amat berbangga menjadi penganjur bagi ‘The King Authentic Satay Challenge 2018’ yang akan di anjurkan pada 16 Sept 2018 (Ahad).

The cinnamon spice has long been used in traditional Malay cooking. lt is part of the essential four; the rempah empat beradik (the four siblings). The rempah empat beradik is a name commonly used among village folk to identify four major spices in Malaysian cuisine – star anise, cardamom, cloves, and of course, cinnamon. ln this recipe, the chef draws inspiration from this warm, earthy spice, which, alongside tender chunks of beef, is nothing less than culinary magic.

Malaysia is a nation well-known for its variety of different seasonal fruits and sweet desserts, many of which are enjoyed after meals over friendly chatter. This simple recipe incorporates several fine fruits that are sure to envelop you in a truly traditional Malaysian experience.

Nasi Dagang with Fish Curry

A well-known breakfast-time meal that is vastly popular with the people of Terengganu and Kelantan, nasi dagang (traders' rice) is a traditional delight comprising rice that is cooked in coconut milk, thus rendering it soft, milky and utterly delicious. Most times, it is served with either curries or sambal to provide that flavourful, spicy touch.

Mee Jawa

A Nyonya-inspired noodle-soup meal that is said to have originated in the Peranakan kitchens of Penang, Mee Jawa has long since become a national favourite. The noodles are generally served in thick tomato or potato based soup, and, with just that right dash of limes’ sourness, is sure to heal open any (or all!) faltering appetites.

Dense and crumbly in texture and crammed with sweet potato goodness, these cupcakes are irresistible, especially when topped with creamy sweet potato cream. Drizzle with sweet potato white chocolate glaze and sprinkle with toasted almond nibs.

While most folks predicted some immediate changes following the transition of governments, none were prepared for the swift abolition of the Goods & Services tax. The much-maligned substitute for the Sales & Services Tax had come under fire since its introduction in April 2015 for purportedly instigating steep price hikes across the board.

Sarawak Laksa

Flavourful as local herbs and spices go, laksa is spawned off the peranakan culture, and has long since grown into the hearts and stomachs of food-loving locals and expatriats alike. The various cultures and areas in which laksa is served have, through the ages, resulted in variants being born to suit the flavours and tastebuds of the locals. This particular recipe is a variant that hails from Sarawak, and is one of the Four Points by Sheraton's best-selling signature dishes.

STANDFIRST: When you mention the word dessert, most people will immediately think of traditional cakes, cookies or flaky pastries. But here in the Southeast region especially in Penang, we have our own unique dessert and it’s called Nyonya Kuih. This delectable bite- sized snack comes in different shapes, colours and texture which without a doubt make a crowd pleaser.

7 Healthy Herbs and Spices

His usually reserved persona is camouflaged by his professional facade. Never one to run out of ideas coupled with his keen sense of detail, chef Mohd Noor lives up to the task of designing the best first course dish for patrons.

Originally an easy catch for kampung dwellers surrounding rivers, lakes and paddy fields, the snakehead (ikan haruan) today has become a prominent dish in Malaysia cuisine. It is often fried, grilled or put in soups, and is said to have healing properties for those in recovery from surgery and for new mothers in post-natal healthcare. This recipe utilises the distinct, delicious taste of ikan haruan for the making of one of Malaysia's favourite appetisers, otak-otak, which is cooked in a sauce of tempoyak (a filling made of durians). This delicious mix of flavours is wholly unexpected, yet entirely Malaysian.

Talam Butterscotch Bread

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