The hunt for unique yet traditional Malaysian flavours presents a conundrum of sorts. While everybody yearns for flavours capable of rekindling fond childhood memories, authenticity of years gone by is becoming increasingly difficult to find. At the same time, the food industry is becoming more and more streamlined and SOPs driven. It might seem like a contradiction, but it is when the society progresses that traditional dishes become highly sought-after. To discover the flavors that represent Malaysia, there was a thought that surfaced: that one should expand one’s food trail from the northernmost town to the southernmost border of the peninsula, as to be fully inclusive. It this series, we take a closer look at the iconic foods from different states to find out the different cuisines each region has to offer. We offer here 32 must-eats from different locations spanning from North to South along the Malaysian Peninsular, which we believe will induce recollections of original flavours and at the same time inspire new taste buds. We basically chose these premises based on three main criteria: Quality, Originality and Authenticity. Whether this pursuit takes you back across town or across the country food is the perfect incentive for a Merdeka Holiday road trip.

Chocolate Sunrise

A Blue Ribbon Education

Le Cordon Bleu. An institution depicting culinary prowess, it is the cream in your caramel-crusted crème brûlée, the butter in your nappé de sauce hollandaise and the Beaujolais in your beef bourguignon. Since the year of its inception, 1895, Le Cordon Bleu has made waves throughout the charming town of Paris, and today has carved a name into the immortal halls of France’s finest culinary institutions.

Durian Pancakes

A wholesome stack-up of these delicious pancakes can never go wrong at breakfast, or at any other time of the day when the hunger pangs are high. Serve topped with any type of fruit-based sauce to suit your tastebuds.

Blueberry Panna Cotta

Fruity Charlotte

A Road Less Traveled

nourish! team embarked on an assignment to La Morra of Northern Italy, only to be surprised by the unexpected discovery of slow food, wild Muscat grapes, highly sought-after white truffles and a series of culinary wonders. Nowhere do people take gastronomic pleasure more casually than in Northern Italy.

Swathed in splashes of red, the walls of OPIKA Organic Market & Restaurant speak of its food philosophy in contrasting white coloured fonts. In a nutshell, it upholds eating fresh and wholesome, simple food created with purest ingredients and infused with Nordic and local sentiments. Officially opened sometime in March after a one month ‘soft launch’ stint, Opika is looking to bring the organic food culture to the forefront of Malaysia’s gastronomy scene.

A Venetian Rendezvous

Everyone eats fresh in Venice – at least, that’s the impression one gets, walking sunken cobblestones between slender rivers and miniature canals. Sure, there is a breathtaking view everywhere you turn; sunsets from the Rialto and the Grand Canal from within a gondola. The streets echo vibrancy and vivacity, time-honoured customs evident through every window display depicting colourfully-feathered Festivale masks and huge blocks of traditional cakes. Street vendors keep a hawk’s eye upon their wares: fruit and vegetables in all the autumn shades one could ever harness enough creativity to imagine. It is a city touched by the decay of time, its people hardened so as to adapt. Yet that, as it turns out, is precisely that which is beautiful and romantic about Venice.

Like liquid silk, it is smooth, as oils are apt to be. Greenish-gold in hue, it flows from dark- tinted bottles like heavenly riches, coating all it touches in a layer of delicious, yet utterly healthy fat. It is the partial backbone of the Mediterranean diet, replacing the use of fats the likes of butter and margarine in cooking and dining. God rest butter and margarine – this humble writer is similarly ardently devoted to both, but this golden wonder is nothing if not the boon of the health-promoting Gods to the gastronomical world.

If you happen to be an enthusiast of Italian cuisine you may have wondered, if one were interested to learn to cook Italian food the most authentic way, how would one go about it, or where would be the best place to go?

Keshri Lamb Tandoori

Sweet Kewpie Danish

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