Fruity Charlotte

Keshri Lamb Tandoori

Sweet Kewpie Danish

Mandi Rice

The word "mandi" comes from the Arabic word nada, meaning "dew", and reflects the moist 'dewy' texture of the meat. Mandi (Arabic: المندي‎) is a traditional dish from Yemen of meat, rice, and spices. It is also eaten in some gulf nations. It is now very popular in other areas of the Arabian Peninsula, and it is also common in Egypt and turkey.

Italian Pizza

Revised Tiramisu

Centuries of delightful ‘dolci’ have seen debates surrounding the origins of the revered tiramisu. While some records suggest that it was first conceptualised in the region of Veneto, others have stipulated that its birthplace might have been the city of Sienna. Such disputes matter little in the modern day dessert scene, however. Tiramisu, in literal terms, bears the meaning 'pick-me-up', which translates, figuratively, to sensations of bliss and joy that arise upon the tasting of its delectable flavours. It is a perfect blend of flavours, that has, through age and time, been refined and further refined, and today, sits pretty as one of the world's favourite desserts. This recipe has been improvised with the French sabayon technique and the addition of gelatine to allow this dessert to hold its shape for better presentation.

Murtabak Royal

“Murtabak” or “Martabak”, is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread that is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Tihamah and the Hejaz regions), Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. The main ingredients of the “Murtabak” (Meat & Egg Turnover) are flour, salt, eggs and savoury meat or alternatively, a vegetarian filling. It is prepared by wrapping the filling in dough, folding it and frying, then repeating this process until you get a multi layered pan-bread of at least 4 centimetres thick. Malaysian Chicken Curry or Beef Curry Murtabak is a delicious snack made from roti bread filled with a ground curried beef or chicken filling and egg. In Malaysia, there is no specific time where “Murtabak” can be served. Malaysians eat “Murtabak” anytime of the day and all year round. This is my own “Murtabak” recipe, which was handed down to me through many generations. Try it and Good Luck!

Mee Hoon Siam

Chocolate Tarts

These simple chocolate tarts with pâte sucrée dough are so easy to whip up and are a great finish to any meal. Skip the glazing step if you prefer a fresh rustic look on your tarts instead of a shiny luxuriousness.

Laksa Kari Nyonya

Praline Mousse

If you do not have fleximold cavities available to shape the dessert, the mousse can be piped atop the biscuit base. It is important to use very cold liquid for a better result and greater stability of the mousse.

Strawberry Bretone

Breton shortbreads can be eaten as simple biscuits, but in recent years French pastry chefs have taken to using them as the foundation for fruit tartlets. Use the best salted butter you can find for a rich taste and crumbly, sandy texture.

Shepherd’s Pie

Carotino Kaya Puff

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