Caramel Chocolate Mousse Cake

2 cakes of 16 cm.




350 g egg whites

100 g granulated sugar

280 g powdered sugar

140 g almond powder

140 g hazelnut powder

70 g pastry flour

50 g hazelnut, roasted and crushed

50 g almond, roasted and crushed



Whip egg whites and granulated sugar to a meringue. Fold in sieved powdered sugar, almond powder, hazelnut powder and pastry flour. Slowly incorporate roasted hazelnuts and almonds. Spread out on a silpat sheet and bake at 200°C.



260 g granulated sugar

500 g milk

250 g cream 35%, liquid

180 g egg yolks

20 g gelatin powder

750 g cream 35%, whipped



Caramelise granulated sugar, add boiled cream and milk. Mix until dissolved. Incorporate into egg yolks and reboil to cream anglaise (86°C). Add dissolved gelatin, cool down and slowly fold in whipped cream.



520 g cream 35%, liquid

100 g egg yolks

50 g granulated sugar

200 g Felchlin Maracaibo Criolait 38%

200 g Felchlin Maracaibo Clasificado 65%



Boil cream and granulated sugar. Add to egg yolks and reboil to cream anglaise (86°C). Add Maracaibo 38% and Maracaibo 65% Rondos. Mix well until dissolved. Use a hand blender to homogenise until smooth. Pour into a 14 cm flexipan mould and freeze.



120 g Felchlin Croquantine, flaky wafers

80 g Felchlin Maracaibo Criolait 38%

20 g granulated cocoa butter



Mix tempered Maracaibo Criolait 38% couverture, add crushed croquantine wafers and melted cocoa butter. Mix everything well and spread out on a Demarle Silpat sheet. Cool down and cut in circles of 16 cm.



Place a cake mould of 16 cm on a plastic sheet. Add a feuillantine bottom and brush with Maracaibo 38%. Place a hazelnut dacquoise and pipe half of caramel mousse into the mould. Put a frozen disc of chocolate crémeux followed by a second hazelnut dacquoise. Afterwards fill up with the remaining caramel mousse. Freeze. Demould and glaze with cold glaze. If desire, make a chocolate collar by spreading tempered Maracaibo 65% couverture on a plastic band, letting it set and placing it around the cake. Remove the plastic. Decorate with chocolate curls or as desired.


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