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Fruity Charlotte

Yield 4 cakes (Ø 180 mm).




300 g egg white

210 g sugar

200 g egg yolks

125 g flour

125 g cornstarch

zest of 3 oranges



1. Whip the egg white at the second speed and gradually add the sugar.

2. Add egg yolks slowly.

3. Sieve flour and cornstarch, add gently.

4. Add the zest gently.

5. Pipe 6 cm long fingers side by using a Ø 14 mm plain nozzle. Bake in a convection oven for around 8 minutes at 190°C (374°F).



350 g pear puree

100 g egg yolks

125 g whole eggs

100 g sugar

1 g white pepper

130 g butter



1. Combine pear puree, egg yolks, whole eggs, sugar and pepper, boil for a few seconds.

2. Add butter and mix well with a hand blender until very smooth.

3. Pour inside a Ø 16 cm Flexipan® and freeze.



145 g milk

2 vanilla pods

30 g sugar

40 g egg yolks

7 g gelatin

300 g white chocolate Callebaut® Velvet CHW-R2241NV

650 g whipped cream



1. Use milk, vanilla pods, sugar and egg yolks to make a custard cream.

2. Soften gelatin in cold water and add to the hot cream.

3. Pour the hot cream over the chocolate and mix well. Leave to cool to 30°C (86°F).

4. Fold in whipped cream.


Recipe by Chef Jean-Marc Bernelin,Technical Advisor Callebaut®.

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