Deep-fried Crispy Puff with Pandan Paste

Makes 70 – 80.




450 g Hong Kong flour

112 g high protein flour

112 g shortening

225 – 300 g water

1 egg

38 g custard powder



500 g Hong Kong flour

375 g shortening



pandan paste



1. Make water dough: Combine Hong Kong flour with high protein flour. Add shortening, water, egg and custard powder, and mix until amalgamated.

2. Make oil dough: Combine Hong Kong flour and shortening until amalgamated.

3. Chill both doughs for half an hour.

4. Measure out 20 g portions of water dough, and 15 g portions of oil dough.

5. Wrap oil dough in water dough, then roll out with a rolling pin to form a flat circle. Roll back into a ball, then wrap a teaspoon of pandan paste inside. Allow to chill for another hour.

6. Using a razor, cut across the diameter of each ball of dough three times, forming the lines of a six-pointed star.

7. Heat oil over a slow fire, then deep-fry each pastry ball until golden brown.


Recipe by Chef Thye Yoon Kong.

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