Malaysian Trio Pancake with Dried Mango Ice Cream

Malaysia is a nation well-known for its variety of different seasonal fruits and sweet desserts, many of which are enjoyed after meals over friendly chatter. This simple recipe incorporates several fine fruits that are sure to envelop you in a truly traditional Malaysian experience.



250 g rose flour

250 ml fresh milk

1 stick vanilla pod

100 g grated coconut

50 g palm sugar

1 drop red colouring

1 drop green colouring

1 drop yellow colouring

10 g salt

20 g sugar

20 g red bean paste

20 g fresh jackfruit

20 g evaporated milk

50 ml pomegranate syrup

4 scoops mango ice-cream



1. Mix together rose flour, fresh milk, sugar, and vanilla in a bowl to form batter. Strain the batter, then separate into 3 batches, making each batch a different colour.

2. With a non-stick pan, turn batter into very thin pancakes.

3. To make first filling, slow-cook melted palm sugar and grated coconut at low heat.

4. To make second filling, slow-cook red bean paste with evaporated milk.

5. To make third filling, slow cook jack-fruit in pomegranate syrup.

6. Place fillings in pancakes, shaping parcels. Serve with local fruits and dried mango ice-cream.

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