Reconstructed “Yu Shang”

Spice up your Chinese New Year with an unconventional twist – with Cordon Bleu’s chef Franck Bruwier’s recipe for reconstructed “yu shang”, you will find the melding of French with other cultures a perfect amalgamation of all things culinary. As the French say: bon appetit!



50 g jellyfish, cleaned and thinly sliced

180 g white radish

180 g carrot

180 g pomelo, peeled and sacs separated

180 g pickled cucumber

180 g pickled papaya

180 g pickled leek

180 g pickled white ginger

180 g pickled red ginger

60 g spring onion, diced

60 g Chinese parsley leaves

60 g kaffir lime leaves, diced

2 packs crackers, pok chui



110 g plum sauce

32 ml peanut oil



120 g roasted peanuts, chopped

120 g roasted sesame seeds



1. To prepare white radish: peel and soak in water for an hour, then shred. Soak for about 10 minutes in water, again, to remove the smell then squeeze dry.

2. To prepare carrots: peel and soak in water for an hour, then shred. Do not soak shredded carrots – squeeze dry.

3. To prepare sauce: mix together plum sauce and peanut oil.

4. Arrange all ingredients on a plate. Garnish with the remaining roasted peanuts (chopped) and roasted sesame seeds, then serve with sauce drizzled over.


Recipe by Chef Franck Bruwier, Le Cordon Bleu Sunway.

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