Do you look forward to reality television programmes like Masterchef, the Cupcake Girls or Cake Boss? Maybe baking is your calling and the Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) is the answer to that passion. Established since 1987, MIB is backed by English Hotbreads which has 45 years experience in the food service industry. Chairman, Mr. Don Yong, also known as Dr. Baker, shares his thoughts on the programmes offered by the institute and how students are nurtured to become professional bakers in meeting challenges in the food service industry.

Muhamad Faizal bin Ab Rasid is a chef and a lecturer. But more than that, he is a fine dining chef who cooks on international gourmet scene. As a practicing Muslim in the kitchen, Faizal has upon his shoulders the responsibility of cooking up culinary magic – Western dishes, that are Halal-compliant. This responsibility is shared by many chefs in the Malaysian industry, and  for good reason – the Halal industry is burgeoning, given Malaysia’s fast-rising status as a Halal hub on international soil. And while some chefs might balk at the challenges presented in finding Halal-compliant ingredients for their cuisine, Chef Faizal is undaunted, instead meeting the challenge head-on. His recipe for success? Innovation. The proof is in the pudding, quite literally.

A Blue Ribbon Education

Le Cordon Bleu. An institution depicting culinary prowess, it is the cream in your caramel-crusted crème brûlée, the butter in your nappé de sauce hollandaise and the Beaujolais in your beef bourguignon. Since the year of its inception, 1895, Le Cordon Bleu has made waves throughout the charming town of Paris, and today has carved a name into the immortal halls of France’s finest culinary institutions.

If you happen to be an enthusiast of Italian cuisine you may have wondered, if one were interested to learn to cook Italian food the most authentic way, how would one go about it, or where would be the best place to go?

A Tribute to Johorian Cuisine

Food is one of the few things that unite people. Although, it has also generated fierce debates  on the true origin of a beloved dish or two. In a melting pot such as Malaysia, tracing the origins of a dish can be especially tricky. Early settlers comprised of a complex melange of ethnic groups from neighbouring countries as well as from the across the seas. Bringing with them herbs and spices along with recipes from their native land, these unique cuisines set the foundation for what is known as Malaysian food today. With the passing of time, recipes were adapted due to influences of the different races, making it uniquely Malaysian. At the same time, making it a challenge to determine its origins.

There is an argument to be made for both the professional chef and the home cook. Both are equally passionate. Both are capable of creating beautifully riveting masterpieces where food is concerned – both find solace and joy in the kitchen, whether in the stainless steel kitchens of commercial establishments or in the comfort of a warm home. Where, then, do the two intersect?

Localising French Techniques

When French missionaries arrived on Vietnamese shores in the 17th century, they came bearing more than just trade and religion.

His usually reserved persona is camouflaged by his professional facade. Never one to run out of ideas coupled with his keen sense of detail, chef Mohd Noor lives up to the task of designing the best first course dish for patrons.

Imagine, if you will, a sandwich. What’s in it, you ask? Ham, cheese and eggs, paired with all kinds off crisp, fresh-picked produce. It’s your imaginary sandwich, after all. Pile on the sauces of your choice, and you’re ready to go. But wait – we’re forgetting something.

Think of the French. They are masters in living the life and enjoying every moment of it. Whimsical Parisian poets sing songs of whimsical Parisian days on whimsical Parisian streets. Their culture and heritage predates centuries. It is more than just a city they have built – it is a timeless cornucopia of life and all the good things life can bring.

Tertiary level education in today’s world has become more than merely graduating with a degree. Increasingly, parents are sending their children to university and college with the hopes – and even demands – that they exit having learnt something more than theories on how to survive the game of Life and Industry. It’s not as easy as signing a child up for a programme with a pat on the back. It’s dedication, hard work and commitment. Most of all, it’s the foresight to choose the right program, and subsequently the right school.

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