Nurturing Baking Passion Into A Professional Skill

Do you look forward to reality television programmes like Masterchef, the Cupcake Girls or Cake Boss? Maybe baking is your calling and the Malaysian Institute of Baking (MIB) is the answer to that passion. Established since 1987, MIB is backed by English Hotbreads which has 45 years experience in the food service industry. Chairman, Mr. Don Yong, also known as Dr. Baker, shares his thoughts on the programmes offered by the institute and how students are nurtured to become professional bakers in meeting challenges in the food service industry.


What are the roles of MIB and how has it evolved since it started operations?
MIB is a centre that provides knowledge and up-to-date skills in the field of professional baking. It also plays a role as a partner for joint-research and the development of food science.

From a small scale baking school back in the 1980s, we have grown by leaps and bounds to an established institute which emphasizes not only baking skills, but also theory which focuses on baking science, management, entreprenuership skills, e-commerce and computing skills.


What are the options available for students who would like to enrol in MIB and what will they be exposed to? What are the qualifications required to sign up as a student with MIB? How will they benefit from the course(s) enrolled?

Students can sign up for the following full-time programmes offered by MIB. The programmes span two years and upon completion they will be awarded with 3 qualifications from MIB:

• Diploma in Baking Science & Technology

• Diploma in Patisserie from City & Guilds, London

• Advance Diploma in Culinary Arts (Majoring in Patisserie Studies) from City & Guilds, London


These programmes are approved by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Malaysian Qualification Agency. The entry requirement for the above programmes are minimum pass SPM/0 Levels with 3 credits.

Apart from these, students are exposed to qualified chefs in the field of chocolate work, sugarwork, sugarcraft, breads, pastries and cakes. The syllabus consists of 30 modules and is a very structured learning approach where every subject is accompanied with a study guide and students are told prior to the commencement of a module on their expectations, learning objectives as well as learning outcomes.

This year onwards, Diploma students are given an electronic device like the iPad (or the Acer Iconia Tab, updated from time to time to keep up with the swift technological change) with our modules and study guides pre-loaded for e-reading as well as research in our effort towards a greener environment, minimizing paper printing.

MIB is different in its approach to teaching. Apart from traditional teaching and learning methods, we also stress equally on experential learning via the followings:

• Community Service to old folks homes and orphanages in the spirit of reaching out, caring and sharing;

• Industrial Visits to food factories in the Klang Valley to learn about latest developments; and

• A 3-day MIB Super Leadership Camp where students are exposed to team building and leadership activities to build their confidence.


This is where we teach them about positive values that they have to embrace like respecting and appreciating parents and elders, sharing with peers, simple etiquette like saying sorry, excuse me, thank you etc.

In the end, we want our students to have a holistic education which comprises skill, knowledge and values, a vital component in good character.



How does MIB keep abreast of the baking trends to meet marketplace needs?

We are constantly striving to improve our syllabus and updating it to meet industrial needs. We do also hire top chefs to teach our students on new trends in the hospitality industry as well as the baking industry. Our faculty team members play a vital role and they are each experts in their own respective field, with qualification ranging from Phd's, Masters and Professional Qualifications, and they are always attending seminars, skills training and conferences to keep up-to-date with the current happenings in the F&B industry.


How does MIB bridge the gap between industry and undergraduates needs in terms of knowledge and practical application?

By imparting baking science knowledge, we are training the students by setting them on the right footing when it concerns baking. It is a generalized fallacy that one only requires skills to bake, but we beg to differ.

Only when armed with a solid foundation in baking science can one be able to scale greater heights as they will be able to understand baking processes and techniques better. Employers have also given feedback that MIB graduates do know their stuff when it comes to baking.


What are the possibilities or opportunities available to students after completing their studies at MIB?

The opportunities are abundant. Armed with the Baking Science & Technology Diploma, it is like a stepping stone into the Food & Beverage/Hospitality Industry. We have students working in boutique bakeries, hypermarkets, factories, with ingredient distributors and manufacturers, in food outlets, hotels, cruise liners and operating own bakeries.


How has MIB contributed towards the nation's development and what is the proudest moment for MIB?

There is a shortage in the industry in terms of qualified bakers. We intend to change that by opportunities for upcoming new graduates.

Our proudest moment is when we have parents approaching us and appreciating our efforts in honing and instilling the passion in the childrens' lives towards this industry. They are simply amazed that we are able to transform their children into responsible young adults in a short span of 2 years. Now, that truly made our day.



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