The Epitome of Chinese Cuisine

SEAFOOD: Widely heralded since days long past as an epicurious delicacy in the foods of various cultures, it is a symbol of prosperity in Chinese cuisine, much loved by those who enjoy the crisp, clean and fragrant aroma that is reminiscent of the fresh, open sea. Much like its people, Chinese cuisine is multi-faceted, often employing a myriad of cooking styles and tastes that range from deep-frying, stir-frying, boiling, roasting, poaching and steaming. The gastronomic wonders of Chinese cuisine bear fruit from where their roots originate, their points of creation. Most well-known Chinese dishes hail from some province or another in the mainland—and even then, much of it has been adapted to Western cultures, where the cuisine is well-loved even amongst those who are more accustomed to steak and potatoes. The very essence of Chinese cuisine, however, is simple, despite the complex range of tastes and flavours so eminent in the food culture: treating your food with respect and care whilst maintaining its colour, nutrients, and natural freshness.

Dim sum is a wonderful thing – little crystal-skinned dumplings filled with flavourful meats and seafoods, steamed or fried, sweet or savoury; all are delicious. The art of dim sum is not an easy cuisine to master; indeed, for the average home cook, making one’s own dim sum seems almost too fastidious a task. Yet there is something about these recipes, lovingly crafted by one’s own hands, that speak of the true spirit of the Lunar New Year – sharing good things with family and loved ones. These dumplings showcase an array of traditional Cantonese methods for cooking – pan frying, deep frying, and steaming. From the crisp pastry of deep fried sui gao to the plump and springy crystal skinned dumplings, to the crisp blossoming of flaky pastry, these are a wonderful set of flavours and textures, each a delight to look at, and even moreso a delight to eat.

Les Pâtisseries de la Paris

Puddings. Preserves. Pies. Patisseries. Paris. The alliteration is not merely a façade. The words Patisserie and Paris have grown near synonymous throughout years of sweet, sweet indulgence; no longer do they merely share a common language. Today, Paris is  known throughout the world as a hub of delightful treats, with names like Ladurée, Angelina, and Sadaharu Aoki that inspire dreamy sighs utter bliss amidst the sweet- toothed. Theirs are the stuff of dreams, where macarons form constellations in skies of pastel blue dotted with fluffy cotton-candy clouds. A world where the earth is literally caked in chocolate; where rivers run thick with syrup, where pies grow on trees. The city of Paris, essentially, is Hansel and Gretel’s house of sweets – only, very much corporeal.

This soup makes a perfect starter for Christmas dinner, it is the explosion of flavour in this recipe that is so exciting – the use of carrots and chestnuts provides the sweetness and a thick, creamy consistency, while roasted chili and caraway provide an extra dimension for the taste buds.

MALAYSIA, 4th December 2018 – Nano Xan Sdn Bhd, the exclusive importer and distributor for Stone & Grove in Malaysia are privileged to host the inaugural launch of Stone & Grove in Malaysia from this day.

Steamboat Broth

Barry Callebaut sources 44% of its ingredients sustainably.

Expanding its footprint in the world’s 4th most populous country.

KSU Visit at MAHA 2018

Passing the halfway mark of the show, DAY 6 of MAHA 2018 was marked by visits from The Secretary in Chief, Malaysia (YBhg. Datuk Seri Dr. Ismail Bin Haji Bakar) Ketua Setiausaha Negara, accompanied by his enterouge of Secretary Generals representing all 27 pillars of Malaysian government service.

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