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Food is one of the few things that unite people. Although, it has also generated fierce debates  on the true origin of a beloved dish or two. In a melting pot such as Malaysia, tracing the origins of a dish can be especially tricky. Early settlers comprised of a complex melange of ethnic groups from neighbouring countries as well as from the across the seas. Bringing with them herbs and spices along with recipes from their native land, these unique cuisines set the foundation for what is known as Malaysian food today. With the passing of time, recipes were adapted due to influences of the different races, making it uniquely Malaysian. At the same time, making it a challenge to determine its origins.

When in Rome

Rome – Once the seat of the great Roman empire, it houses two thousand and five hundred years of celebrated history. Taking a walk in the city center of Italy’s capital invokes sensations of glee in those who love action-packed movies set in ancient Rome. One almost expects to see gladiators in horse-driven chariots charging along the cobblestone streets, spears held at the ready to break some invisible enemy down. Ladies in chitons and gents in togas riddle the mind. In Rome, one relives the days of the Holy Roman Empire, set so far down the road of history. It is magical. It is wonderful.


It is Rome.

Murtabak Royal

“Murtabak” or “Martabak”, is a stuffed pancake or pan-fried bread that is commonly found in Saudi Arabia (especially the Tihamah and the Hejaz regions), Yemen, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. The main ingredients of the “Murtabak” (Meat & Egg Turnover) are flour, salt, eggs and savoury meat or alternatively, a vegetarian filling. It is prepared by wrapping the filling in dough, folding it and frying, then repeating this process until you get a multi layered pan-bread of at least 4 centimetres thick. Malaysian Chicken Curry or Beef Curry Murtabak is a delicious snack made from roti bread filled with a ground curried beef or chicken filling and egg. In Malaysia, there is no specific time where “Murtabak” can be served. Malaysians eat “Murtabak” anytime of the day and all year round. This is my own “Murtabak” recipe, which was handed down to me through many generations. Try it and Good Luck!

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