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Much of today’s raw seafood products are acquired locally today thanks to our thriving fishing communities along the coast which gives us a real crave for a seafood cuisine most times like the steamboat truck parking along the side of the road giving consumers a real taste of the marine delicacy. However it may require most business owners to store the raw seafood products in a proper way to maintain its freshness.


While on the subject of raw seafood products, nourish! recently spoke to Sendo Ichi’s Director Andy Tan to have a real input of the seafood products in Malaysia and the companies’ journey to becoming one of the local’s favorite stop for acquiring fresh fish.


“Prior to the inception of Sendo Ichi, I’ve had quite an experience working in the food and beverage industry here and it was really an eye opener because I was able to observe and analyse the market from both sides like from the consumers and business owner point of view. And also I had the chance to establish a solid reputation from some of the customers as well while working in the industry so I realize it was all I need to start this fresh fish product supplier.


“Another reason is that I am in love with Japanese food and with that I know it’s hard to get a fresh fish product similar to Japan’s and I wanted that to change since the local market here has been around for a long time but somehow the freshness level of our raw seafood products aren’t the same as the Japanese market so by analysing this we know exactly what we wanted to give our customers. Seafood is pretty healthy to a person’s health and it’s even more advantageous if you are consuming it fresh and this is the message I wanted to deliver to our customers in order to maintain that freshness to get the very best out of a seafood cuisine not just for its taste but for the health benefits as well.


“As we begin Sendo Ichi in 2013, we have managed to establish a good reputation especially among our customers since we don’t really just sell the product and be done with it. We provide consultation such as the proper storage method to maintain the freshness of the fish and I am proud to say the relationship has been fruitful and we are continuing to expand since we also have backings from the Japanese themselves.


“But in 2015, we have suffered quite a substantial loss since the downfall of Ringgit so it took us quite some time to recuperate and plus 90% of our products are imported so the ramifications are pretty significant but thanks to our Japanese partners, we were able to stand firm and continue to recover. The past six month has been tough but we are recovering at a steady pace so I’m positive that we will be stronger more than ever but it was also our customers that kept our business going since we have created a healthy relationship towards our customers by acting as their consultants as well.


“I firmly believe that to be in this industry, we have to maintain a proper relationship towards customers since we are involved in the food and beverage industry and plus the demand for fresh fish will always be there for the Malaysian market and we are consistently looking for ways to penetrate the market but also to work closely with our customers to have their feedbacks as well”. Said Sendo Ichi Director Andy Tan.


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