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Where fruit is concerned, even more so tropical fruit, we’re spoilt for choice. Malaysians have, and will always be those fortunate enough to wander into the wet market and come out, arms laden with some tropical fruit or another at any time of the year. And sure, our tropical fruit is seasonal – but with a carefully managed system devised to make the best of our climate, combined with the sunny weather and rainfall we’re exposed to all year round, we’ve ensured the treasures of our agricultural practices are of world standard.

Dragon Fruit

Ask anyone, say ten years ago, what the name of the oval fruit with the bright pink-red skin was and it was likely that not many would know. These days, the dragon fruit is a familiar sight at supermarkets and fruit stalls. It is a beautiful fruit that not only tastes delicious when ripe but is rich in vitamin C, minerals and dietary fibre. The smooth, red skin (sometimes yellow depending on the variety) with protruding green-tipped ‘scales’ are what make the fruit striking to look at and unusual at the same time.

How the King Flies with FAMA

The strength of a nation’s export does not rest solely upon the quality of a product, though that is of much importance – it is the irrefutable truth that proper governmental support and a nudge in the right direction by the appropriate bodies is of equal importance.

Crisp and crunchy or soft and fork-tender; the honeydew is a melon most beloved. In appearance it is humble. Golden yellow or pale green, the melon, when sliced, displays a heartful of tiny seeds. Scrape them away and furnish yourself with a spoon – your melon is ready to be eaten.

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