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Tucked away behind a school is the last place one would think to find a deer farm. But at Felda Bukit Mendi Triang in the depths of Pahang, such a unique sight can be found. This deer farm at Elias Agro Farm Sdn. Bhd. is where the deer breeding project ‘Projek Ternakan Rusa Timorensis’ is carried out. The primary product of the farm is smoked deer meat (daging salai). The deer which are bred at the farm are of the Timorensis breed which are flown in all the way from Australia where they are commonly found. The farm started out with a small herd of 30 deer and has been constantly increasing their numbers through breeding as well as by bringing in more from Australia. As of June 2015 the herd is numbered at 100 deer but this will likely change soon once the farm and its facilities undergo a long awaited expansion.


With the number of health conscious consumers ever increasing, venison, with its high protein and low fat content is catching on. The introduction of venison into the Malaysian market is a welcome change to the commonly found chicken and beef. Venison has a rich taste and a lean texture. This coupled with the smoking process produces a meat which complements pre-existing curry dishes wonderfully. The smoked meat can even be eaten on its own as a protein rich snack. The smoking process is intended to help extend the shelf life of the meat which is then also frozen to ensure it lasts long. Currently, production is limited as the farm is still in its early stages but a full sized smokehouse and restaurant are currently being built to accommodate the upcoming expansion plans which are expected to take place in September this year.


The farm is not just for meat production as they also provide training and breeding stock for farmers who are interested in being part of this project as well. The project which is assisted by the National Blue Ocean Strategy, which aims to bring high value projects at low cost to light, gives it a network with which it can assist budding entrepreneurs who show interest in participating in this project. The farm is also part of an Agro tourism project which intends to draw visitors interested in seeing the origin of many unique Malaysian products as well as inspiring others to adopt such entrepreneurial projects.


This Timorensis deer farm is a great example of what smart and determined entrepreneurs in Malaysia come up with. With the help of various national agencies these projects bring even the smallest farmers dreams to reality. With their expansion currently in progress, we will hopefully see a fully operational large scale deer farm within a few months, bringing a meat rarely seen in the Malaysian market to our plates as well as showing the potential that Malaysian entrepreneurs have at succeeding.


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