Australia’s Premium Saltbush Lamb


Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb, a unique, distinctive lamb product – set to revolutionise culinary choices and fine dining preferences at restaurants across the world. Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb’s are grown in the pristine natural Australian Outback. Grazed on unique native Saltbush pastures Bultarra lamb is naturally seasoned with robust and rich flavours while still delicate enough to carry exceptional spiceblends. It has a wonderfully fresh clean taste. Dorpers. Originally bred in South Africa for drier climates thrive in the remote outback regions of Australia. Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lambs are exclusively high grade Dorper lambs grazing on natural native pastures that remain much the same as they were thousands of years ago. Dorper lambs don’t grow wool and are bred specifically as a superior lamb suitable both premium domestic and export markets. Bultarra Australian Saltbush lambs are not shorn, crutched or mulesed. We produce our lambs using leading animal welfare practices which guarantees a healthy stress-free animal, superior taste and tenderness every time.


A Unique Australian Product. The remote saltbush grazing country in Australia is arguably becoming the premium lamb producing region in the world. The system is based on breed selection the environment and careful grazing management. It is a pleasure to be able to offer ‘Bultarra Australian Saltbush Lamb’ to top chefs and food connoisseurs across Australia and around the world.


Quality Assured:

• 100% natural product

• Free from chemicals

• No hormones or growth promotants

• Free range – naturally grazed


Every animal is carefully selected and their welfare is monitored from farm gate to abattoir. Bultarra lambs are packed in one the best processing facilities in Australia giving superior freshness.



Exclusively Distributed By: Lee's Frozen Sdn Bhd

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