Deer In Heart of Malaysia

Tucked away behind a school is the last place one would think to find a deer farm. But at Felda Bukit Mendi Triang in the depths of Pahang, such a unique sight can be found. This deer farm at Elias Agro Farm Sdn. Bhd. is where the deer breeding project ‘Projek Ternakan Rusa Timorensis’ is carried out. The primary product of the farm is smoked deer meat (daging salai). The deer which are bred at the farm are of the Timorensis breed which are flown in all the way from Australia where they are commonly found. The farm started out with a small herd of 30 deer and has been constantly increasing their numbers through breeding as well as by bringing in more from Australia. As of June 2015 the herd is numbered at 100 deer but this will likely change soon once the farm and its facilities undergo a long awaited expansion.

Today, breeding is increasingly caught up in the flux of development and modernisation. This is a trend not to be taken lightly as it concerns standards of national food safety. The unceasing march of progress has forced the breeding industry to change in order to ensure public demand for livestock-based food sources remains consistent and attainable at reasonable prices.

About a decade ago, plenty of hot fuss was kicked up in the wake of a rather entertaining campaign for dairy products. This campaign, born in sunny California in the United States of America, promoted the concept of happy cows, which in turn gave rise to great dairy produce. Last year, the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) filed their final appeal in a decade-long lawsuit against the California Milk Advisory Board in the Californian Supreme Court. PETA’s beef (no pun intended) with the ads? That Californian cows were, in fact, terribly unhappy as opposed to the widely advertised claim. PETA lost the suit.

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